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Quality control measurement we do take care

To insure & guarantee the fieldwork quality, I'm administrating the following steps, which are the "Quality Control Procedures" as execute stage to be applicated & observed from the field manager

Central briefing
I'm administrating a central briefing for all the teamwork – for each region. To be sure that the fieldwork will be parallel as same as our instructions for all locations

Instructions must be printed and hand over for all interviewers during the briefing, which include
Project terms - conditions - criteria
Project Quota
Project time plan / fieldwork schedule

Mock interviews
At the briefing end, each interviewer must do it, in the attendance of the field supervisor

Trial interview
From each interviewer at second day of the briefing, to be scrutinized from the supervisor

We are doing one accompaniment from the supervisor with each interviewer, at the beginning of the fieldwork, to insure the best performance & application for our instructions

Daily scrutinizing
 for the delivered Questionnaires

Tell back-Check
for at least 30% from the sample size

Overall, the above mentioned procedures, the supervisor & field manager, suppose to do spot-check from time to time as face-to-face personal back check from his side, meet one respondent – for each interviewer -, just to let the interviewer feeling that we are following and observing his performance quality

Quality Report
I'll report regarding the Quota process and the Quality Control results, myself –twice a week