The right strategy starts
from the right market intelligence


 Having the right information can make or break any strategy. Whether you’re shaping your next business plan, formulating a new marketing platform, developing a new product, introducing a new service or simply assessing new opportunities, you need the right market intelligence to make the right strategic decisions.  

Perhaps we can help. We are " RMR ” a professional, full-service research group offering fast and cost-effective solutions for any market research need. Our team consists of both male and female research specialists-an important consideration in the local cultural environment-with extensive background in international research companies. 

A broad range of research services

Across the region 

We offer specialized services for both qualitative and quantitative research. From highly customized survey and research activities to program evaluation studies, we cover a broad range of subject areas including marketing, advertising, demographics, the public sector, new product development, human services and much more. Our research services cover Middle East and North Africa (MENA) & Also the heart of African countries. Indeed, with a regional network of sub-agencies who work directly under our supervision, we can perform fieldwork in any country to help you get exactly the market intelligence you need. 

Get the most credible results 

With our international expertise, now you have unprecedented access to high-quality research methods and statistical tools right here, where you do business. From the quality of our field work and procedures, to the quality of our research tools, RMR guarantees the most stringent quality standards and most credible results. After all, what good is having research if the quality of the information you get is suspect? 

Do you have a research requirement? 

Call us today and we’ll schedule a meeting. Then we can sit down and discuss the specifics of your requirement. We’ll help you formulate your budget, decide on the methodology, the study type and sample size. Then we can custom design the study according to your objectives and needs, and provide you with a research proposal. When you approve our proposal

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from us


Data collection



Moreover, be sure that the Quality Control, timing and fieldwork standard will be excellent and more than expected from any other agency.


Team experience:




70 %


Old & High experience & skills – qualified to handle any kind of project, whatever was the study methodology.

20 %


Medium experience, can handle easy studies / not complicated / used for ordinary Qus'r and ordinary methodology

10 %


New / under training.


Years of experience:


Educational background:


Project Forms:


Fieldwork will be following our standard forms as followed: