International Online Sampling & CATI


We have global coverage for Online & CATI across all of the world countries

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Full Service:


Design web Qusr Platform.




Get the questionnaire in word document. Translate it and then program the survey using Sawtooth or Decipher. Host the survey and step forward.

We will deploy online sample through our panel platform and get raw data files in excel, clean data using SPSS / Quantum and deliver you final data files.



Sampling Only:


When the client provides the survey, programming and gives us a link

to launch survey through our panel platform.


We have captured data on more than 100 points from our panelists and on that basis,

they are segregated as respondent for Healthcare or B2C or B2B survey.

For healthcare we have specific panel partners across geographies.

Panelists are exclusively used for market research purpose and clearly told at the time of joining panel



Data delivery:

Excel / SPSS

Also, interim data at any stage of FW

Daily reporting for FW update and quota achievement.


Online QC:

All panelists are double-opt-in (DOI), research-only.

All panelists are scored by their level of survey activity and if a score drops to a certain agreed level, we stop sending them surveys.

Besides this we follow general quality norms like analysis of questionnaire completion time, data outliers, unanswered questions and patterned responses.

Further we encourage our clients to add straight-lining traps, red herring questions etc.

We rely on dual technologies which can determine if a respondent has started the survey before or not so that no respondent can enter into survey again.

Additionally, we have ability to implement Geo-IP validation on survey start to ensure

 the respondent is located in the panels stated country when responding. 



100% audio recording for RMR QC meagers.

Share 30% audio recording (After respondents consent).

Also, 35% Tell B/C overall.